Done Right The First Time

Done Right The First Time

Roof and Gutter Maintenance Mastery

Professional and Trustworthy Service at Competitive prices!

House Prep is a professional home maintenance and exterior cleaning company specializing in seasonal maintenance services and Full roof and gutter maintenance, cleaning and repair.

Our family-operated Team currently services the entire Bay area, including the East Bay, Tri-Valley, Contra Costa and Alameda counties.

We seek perfection in every Service we provide, not just trying to get the job done and get paid.

We seek to build an ongoing relationship with every client by proving to you that we are worthy of your continued business and trust.

Specializing in residential homes of all sizes. Our Expertise is in extending the life of your roof and gutters by providing routine yearly maintenance and repair of your gutters and roof so you are always prepared for the harshest of weather and rain and you can sleep well at night knowing you always have a local professional expert level crew to help with your roof and gutter needs throughout the years.

Done Right the first time with excellence!

Our Biggest Value Proposition (to our yearly clients):

We help you identify, repair, and maintain roof and gutter issues before they become a bigger problem. Instead of being reactionary to roof leaks like most people, our yearly roof and gutter cleaning clients find out about their roof issues much quicker since we clean and service their roofs every year.

Neglected roofs are the #1 cause of roof leakage because many homeowners don't have a great roof and gutter cleaning company to alert them to issues through the years. It's much less expensive to properly maintain and clean your roof every year than to deal with expensive roof leaks and damages. Proactive roof cleanings and gutter cleanings are priceless because they enable you to identify any developing roof issues, damages, and weathering.

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Howard Bass - Operations

Mission Statement

To provide the most Professional, Thorough and Ethical Service while treating your treasured property as if it were our own.

"Operating on the highest ethical standards in our Industry."

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Jeffery Carter - Field Operations