Expert Roof Cleaning and Maintenance Services

We offer expert-level roof cleaning and maintenance! With 24 years of experience cleaning, maintaining, and repairing roofs.

We offer many types of roof cleanings because every roof is different and needs a unique approach.

All gutter cleaning includes thorough, detailed roof blow. However, many roofs require that extra T.L.C with additional cleaning that a blower can't do alone, such as roof moss removal by wire brushing/hand removal or even pressure washing, depending on your goals and the state of the roof.

We are professional roof cleaning masters of all roof types (concrete tiles, composition, wood shake, clay tiles, Spanish tiles, flat roofs, and metal roofs).

Solar Panel Companies like Tesla also require that all roof moss and algae growth is professionally pressure washed prior to their solar panel install. We are specialists at preparing roofs for solar panel installation and have pressure washed and repaired hundreds of roofs for our clients in preparation for Tesla solar installs. We know exactly what Tesla and the major solar companies require for your roof cleaning from over 1500 jobs preparing roofs for solar panel installation.

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Detailed Roof Cleaning:

Includes blowing all roof debris accumulation, leaves/branches from the entire roof, especially vulnerable areas and leak-prone areas such as valleys and flashing areas around sidewalls and roof fixtures, pipes, fans, skylights, etc.


We offer various solutions for roof moss, algae, and lichen growth. 

  • Wire brushing/hand removal and scraping off roof moss
  • Pressure washing of the entire roof or just specific areas
  • Biodegradable moss killer treatment application

We perform all roof blowing and detailed cleaning prior to a thorough gutter cleaning and drainage with water as the final step.

Cleanup is King
We clean up the ground around your house perfectly after your roof and gutter cleaning.

Roof Pressure Washing:

We pressure wash roofs the correct way (unlike most offering the service who end up damaging roofs or causing leaks due to inexperience and a lack of knowledge of proper procedure).

Pressure washing of a roof should be done much differently than pressure washing concrete or a driveway. What sets us apart from the rest is we do roof pressure washing with the integrity and longevity of your roof in mind as well as protecting you from leakage. We pressure wash at reduced pressure with a slow, cautious, and methodical approach versus the "how fast can it be done" mentality of virtually all pressure washers. It is crucial that roof pressure washing be done with a high priority on roof integrity and proper water flow off the roof during the job versus "just trying to get the roof clean." For over 24 years, we have pressure-washed thousands of roofs of all types and have a solid track record for perfection and customer satisfaction.

Every roof pressure washing includes gutter cleaning and thorough cleaning of all areas of the house and property affected by the job, such as siding, gutters, trim, hardscape, etc.

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Be Careful Who You Hire

If you have a regular pressure washing company or rookie crew to clean your roof, you risk them pressure washing at high full P.S.I./pressure damaging your roof and causing leaks with high volumes of water.

These novice services also do not prepare your roof properly before using high volumes of water, which means cleaning and blowing your roof and repairing any vulnerabilities or issues beforehand. We hear stories weekly of painters and pressure washing companies that have damaged roofs and caused leakage due to their inexperience and lack of real roof knowledge. These services will definitely charge less and often lowball quotes on Yelp, but beware, as they are not worth the gamble. They may seem attractive cost-wise; however, they also come with roof damage and possible leakage.

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Cleanup is King

We know that the cleanup on the ground and around the house is just as important as the cleaning on your roof or gutters. We are professionals... Trust us!

Yes, we offer Softwashing services for your roof and house as well. We can discuss all of your different options once we are on your roof and see what is required. Softwashing is for those roofs where it is better to allow the power of an application of surfactants, potassium soaps, citrus oils, and moss treatment to kill moss and algae and slowly lift and release stains each time it rains and reactivates the solutions. Softwashing does not provide the immediate results that pressure washing does as far as how new the roof looks afterward; however, it can greatly prolong the life of your roof as well as its overall appearance.

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