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We offer expert level gutter and roof services with 24 years of experience cleaning, maintaining, and repairing gutters and roofs.

Routine cleaning of your gutters, downspouts and roof of all debris is a critical part of yearly house maintenance. Properly cleaning your gutters and preparing your roof for the rainy season ahead is important for ensuring the proper flow of water off your roof and gutters during storms.

Every gutter cleaning we perform also comes with a few detailed inspections of your gutters and roof.

We inspect all gutter seams/joints for leakage or dripping as well as for rust or developing holes or cracks.

If your gutters are in need of any repairs, we will inform you of any issues by taking detailed pictures and sending them directly to you via email or text.

"Gutter Cleaning Done Perfect the First Time"

A red roof with yellow leaves on it.
A rain gutter with water pouring out of it.

At the heart of HousePrep Gutter & Roof Services is a mission to safeguard properties in San Ramon, CA, Danville, CA, and surrounding cities, with top-tier gutter cleaning and maintenance services. It's all about meticulous care, unmatched customer service, and commitment to excellence. Fueled by a team of experienced professionals and equipped with cutting-edge tools and technology, HousePrep Gutter & Roof Services delivers an experience that's simply unparalleled.

The Necessity of Regular Gutter Maintenance

Gutters are more than just an architectural detail on your property. They're crucial for steering water away from your home, preventing costly water damage. But when gutters are neglected, it can lead to more than just a clog. Water can seep into your property, leading to mold and mildew growth. Physical damage to the gutter system can also occur, causing further complications down the line.

However, regular rain gutter maintenance isn't just about cleaning. It's about ensuring the longevity of your gutter system and by extension, protecting your property.

Comprehensive Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Every service, from maintenance to gutter unclogging, is carried out with precision and care, ensuring the gutter system is in optimal condition. It's not just about solving problems; it's about preventing them. HousePrep goes above and beyond to ensure your gutters are functioning at their best.

When you choose HousePrep, you're choosing a company that values your property as much as you do. With a focus on delivering the best possible service, HousePrep Gutter & Roof Services is your trusted partner in property maintenance. For more information, be sure to visit our contact page today.

How We Clean:

We remove all debris/leaves from the roof, then remove all gutter debris in the cleanest manner possible for your house, and most importantly, we drain all gutters and downspouts with water to ensure perfection.

Every gutter cleaning job includes running water throughout all gutters and downspouts to ensure proper drainage.

Unclogging every downspout is part of the job - never an additional cost. (in very rare instances, i.e. some badly clogged/damaged downspouts must/should be replaced, but not by us, as we do not install)

Gutter cleaning also entails cleaning all roof debris/leaves so it doesn't end up back in your gutters. We pride ourselves on gutter cleaning perfection, which means "We Do It Right the First Time".

A very important aspect of our gutter cleaning approach is the way we clean your property during and after the actual gutter cleaning. All areas of your home and property are completely cleaned of debris, dirt, leaves and staining water. We aim to leave your property cleaner than it was when we started working....that means all soiled areas are rinsed with water immediately after the gutters are drained with water to ensure proper flow.

While we are cleaning, we also inspect for any damaged or leaking gutters and let you know about the issues immediately so you know the situation and can repair these areas before it eventually becomes too late and they need replacement.

Most companies just blow out the leaves from your gutters and move on to the next job without running water to ensure the downspouts are actually draining. We are never finished with your job until every downspout is clear and draining and your property is spotless.....perfection is our goal.

Maintenance and repairs to damaged and leaking gutters will ensure that your gutters do not rust away or deteriorate to the point where a very costly replacement is necessary. Replacing your gutters costs thousands, so it's very important to seal leaking gutters before they cause further damage or dry rot to the wood behind the gutter. Leaking and overflowing gutters can cause damage to the wood behind the gutters and your home's foundation if not maintained every year.

Ask us about what gutter guard system is best for your home, as every house has a unique gutter and roof combination that dictates the type of gutter guard needed and the costs associated. We can install gutter guards right after the cleaning so that no more debris clogs up your gutters ever again.

Gutter Repairs:

  • Detached/pulled away gutter repair and re-securing
  • Leaking gutter seam/joint repair and sealing
  • Repair of holes or cracking
  • Rusted gutter repair and rejuvenation with rubberized Rust-Oleum coating
  • Re-securing and properly tightening gutter hangers/brackets
  • Gutter flashing repairs
A rain shower pouring into the air from under a porch.
A brick house with a gutter on the roof.
A before and after image of gutter guard installation in Danville, CA

Also Specializing in

  • Downspout Guard Installation
  • Gutter Guard Installation

Downspout guards are highly recommended if you do not already have them in place protecting your downspouts from debris clogging inside the pipes' angles. If you do not already have a quality gutter guard system protecting all of the gutters, then you should at least have downspout guards in place to keep the leaves out of the downspouts. We usually stay stocked with downspout guards and can install them at the same time as your gutter cleaning.

The best solution is Gutter Guards installed on all gutters, which will eliminate gutter cleaning altogether. Downspout guards only block the downspout holes while an entire gutter guard system will keep all debris out of the gutters and downspouts forever. Visit our gutter guard installation page for more information on high-quality stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guards.

Our Biggest Value Proposition (to our yearly clients):

We help you identify, repair, and maintain roof and gutter issues before they become a bigger problem. Instead of being reactionary to roof leaks like most people, our yearly roof and gutter cleaning clients find out about their roof issues much quicker since we clean and service their roofs every year.

Neglected roofs are the #1 cause of roof leakage because many homeowners don't have a great roof and gutter cleaning company to alert them to issues through the years. It's much less expensive to properly maintain and clean your roof every year than to deal with expensive roof leaks and damages. Proactive roof cleanings and gutter cleanings are priceless because they enable you to identify any developing roof issues, damages, and weathering.

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