Roof Repair Services

We offer detailed professional maintenance and repairs on all types of roofs (composition, concrete tile, clay tile, Spanish tile, wood shake, flat roof, metal roof).

We specialize in all minor roof repairs and roof maintenance; however, we do not install new roofs.

Many roof leaks and emergencies are caused by heavy debris accumulation around vulnerable areas on your roof and common leak-prone areas due to heavy leaves, debris, and sediment accumulation causing blockage and diversion of water. Other issues are caused by damaged roofing that requires repair.

We provide roof inspections, roof repairs, and emergency roof leak service to keep your home dry during the rainy season.

We always inspect your entire roof any time we are on it with attention to looking for heavy debris accumulation in valleys and flashing areas, common roof issues, vulnerabilities, damage, cracking, and weathering from high winds, sun, and storm exposure.

When we check your roof initially, we will inspect all roof sections for any vulnerabilities in valleys, flashings, sidewall flashings, ridges, hips, crowns, old sealants, mortar areas, chimney flashing, roof jack pipes, skylights, fans, hoods, and all roof fixtures and their flashings.

We provide numerous pictures of your roof upon the initial inspection as well as during and after the actual roof maintenance or repair. We are proud of our work and show it off by taking and sending dozens of pictures to you.

Our Biggest Value Proposition (to our yearly clients):

We help you identify, repair, and maintain roof and gutter issues before they become a bigger problem. Instead of being reactionary to roof leaks like most people, our yearly roof and gutter cleaning clients find out about their roof issues much quicker since we clean and service their roofs every year.

Neglected roofs are the #1 cause of roof leakage because many homeowners don't have a great roof and gutter cleaning company to alert them to issues through the years. It's much less expensive to properly maintain and clean your roof every year than to deal with expensive roof leaks and damages. Proactive roof cleanings and gutter cleanings are priceless because they enable you to identify any developing roof issues, damages, and weathering.

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