Roof Moss Removal Services

The damages caused by roof moss are irreversible and should be avoided at all costs.

Roof moss is similar to having wet sponges with roots all over your roof and can actually wick water/moisture below the roofing material and deteriorate the tar paper below. Moss also sheds off your roof all year long and rolls into your gutters, clogging your entire gutter system.

In the long run, you don't want to end up replacing your roof prematurely or needing costly repairs due to the damaging effects of roof moss.

Removing this harmful roof moss and spraying moss preventative spray will not only look great but will actually save you thousands in the long term.

A house with a brick wall and grass roof
A close up of the roof of a house covered in moss.

How We Remove Roof Moss, Algae, and Lichens:

Option #1:

Hand removal of heavy moss by wire brushing, hand scraping, and manually removing growth. This gets the great majority of the growth removed, and then we spray a biodegradable moss and algae killer.

Option #2:

Pressure washing of the roof, which is the most thorough and complete method of removal. Pressure washing will remove 100% of the growth and stains on your roof and make it look close to new. This is a great option for overall curb appeal and aesthetics and is a valued service for realtors and home sellers to increase the value of the home.

Note: We use reduced/lightened pressure to ensure the integrity of your roofing and always work in the most cautious and professional manner to avoid any costly water damages that often occur with inexperienced pressure washing services.

Most pressure washing companies will use way too high pressure while cleaning your roof because they can get done quicker, but this is a major vulnerability for your roof. Pressure washing a roof should be done methodically and slowly, but most pressure washers are in a race to finish. Our priority is the integrity of your roof, which means we do it the right way, even though it takes a bit longer.

We prepare roofs for solar panel installation as well.

Tesla and the major solar installers require that roofs be pressure washed and all moss removed prior to solar installs. We are specialists at preparing roofs for solar panel installation and have pressure washed and repaired hundreds of roofs for our clients in preparation for solar panel installation. AND... we clean solar panels as well so we can help you maintain your solar panels at maximum energy efficiency with yearly cleanings.

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