Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing Services

Are your solar panels screened off to keep out pigeons and rodents?

It is essential to screen off the perimeter of your solar panels if you don't want an entire flock of pigeons living and nesting under your solar panels. They are a magnet for Pigeons and rodents, giving them an entire home that is protected from predators, sun, and rain.

We provide pigeon/bird proofing services to effectively eliminate birds living under your roof eves, solar panels or other hiding spots on the roof.

  • Eliminate pigeons from nesting and roosting
  • Install bird spikes where needed or even owl statues with rotating bobbleheads and glow-in-the-dark eyes ( somewhere inconspicuous on the roof)
  • Screening/caging off of the entire solar panel system perimeter to eliminate entry underneath the panels and prevent nesting and breeding
  • Waste removal and cleanup of bird mess and nests
  • Pressure washing of all contaminated roofing areas and surrounding siding and gutters
  • Gutter and downspout cleaning and drainage

#1 The key to pigeon control is taking away their hiding and nesting spots on your roof.

Pigeons are known vectors of disease and bacteria, and you do not want them living in your house and breeding. Eventually, Pigeons cause roof leaks as well when their poop and nests and so thick under the solar panels or on roof areas where proper water flow is diverted.

If they can't hide a nest and roost under EVES or solar panels, they will simply go to another house or neighborhood where they can.

We block off their hiding/nesting areas, and they will leave because they are now exposed to predators and sun/wind/rain.

YES, we offer pressure washing and decontamination of the entire house, including rooftops, peaks, eves, gutters, window sills, siding, and hardscapes.

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