Solar Panel Cleaning

To maintain maximum solar panel efficiency, they must be cleaned!

Your panels must be free of dust, pollen, dirt, and bird poop which lowers the amount of energy they are able to produce. (Which is why you got them right?)

Dirty Solar Panels = Less Energy Produced

On average, solar panels will get a boost in efficiency of up to 35-45%, which means paying to have them cleaned yearly is a no-brainer and equals big savings.

Dirty solar panels can even cause individual panels to stop working altogether, which is why it is essential to keep your panels as clean as possible throughout the years.

Rinsing Solar panels with water or waiting for rain to clean your panels? It doesn't work!

Our clients all report back to us that they get major boosts in energy production from their solar panels after we clean them. The cleanings keep your energy production maximized.

If your car isn't cleaned for months, can you just rinse it off to clean it? Of course not!

You need to scrub repeatedly with soap and water and rinse numerous times to properly clean.

We triple scrub and rinse every solar panel with Ammonia-free soap and soft padded window scrubber pads until they are sparkling clean. Proper cleaning always includes multiple cleaning passes and rinses to get all of the accumulated dirt, pollen, and coating off the panels.

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